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Required Safety Gear:


All kayakers are required to have (and preferably wear) an approved PFD.  We must also carry buoyant heaving line at least 15 metres long, a paddle, a bailer or water pump, and a signaling device (whistle or compressed airhorn.


Transport Canada's Sea Kayaking Safety Guide offers an excellent introduction to gear and safety:




Recommended Gear:


Paddle Float; neoprine footwear; spare paddle; wetsuit for paddling in cold water - necessary for paddling in Lake Superior; paddling jacket; spare paddle. If you want to paddle on Superior during the shoulder seasons, consider the purchase of a Drysuit.  (N.B.  Custom sized dry suits made by Kokatat can be ordered via Wilderness Supply.)


Renting or Purchasing Boats and Gear:


Sea Kayaking Lessons Thunder Bay can advise you on required safety gear, paddle and boat design; however, we do not rent or sell equipment. 


Wildnerness Supply has an excellent selection of Kayaks and gear to rent or purchase.  See their standard rental prices here.  (There is a discount on rental prices if you are renting equipment in order to take the Paddle Canada Basic and Level 1 courses.)


Other local businesses that sell and/or rent kayaking gear include:

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