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Paddling Clubs and Social Paddles


There is already a great community of paddlers in Thunder Bay. 


One great way to meet other paddlers and get a chance to develop your skills is to join the Facebook page for the

Grizzly Den and look for paddling events that get posted on the site.  Paddles are usually described according to skill level.  If you are not sure if your skills and stamina are suitable for a particular event, get in touch with the person organizing the paddle to talk it over.  These paddles are run on a "friends" basis, i.e., there are no group "leaders" per se, just people who enjoy paddling and are willing to share their knowledge. 


Watch out in particular for Wet and Wild evenings.  These usually consist of a short paddle followed by lots of rescue practice.   Practicing rescues is fun and will help you internalize the skills so that you can extract yourself, or someone else, from the water quickly  - when it counts!




NOTE: Grading systems are only guidelines. Weather and water conditions can change all paddle trips.

Trips are classified using first a letter to indicate the PACE/ENDURANCE, then a number to indicate the SKILLS required as follows:


A. Not Strenuous

B. Moderately Strenuous

C. Strenuous


1. Novice

2. Intermediate

3. Experienced

4. Expert


You could also consider joining the Regional Paddle Sport Centre and Lakehead Canoe Club based out of Boulevard Lake.

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