Discover your sea legs - an introduction to Sea Kayaking


This class is a relaxed introduction to Sea Kayaking.


Between the fresh air, the sense of connection with the water, access to beautiful scenery and the sense of balance and well-being that comes from paddling on both sides of the body, kayaking can bring a profound sense of well-being. 


Kayaks are more stable than canoes because they sit lower in the water. They also handle waves differently and don't require tacking when waves start to pick up.  Whether you are looking to paddle in calm and quiet waters or paddle on the challenging waters of Lake Superior, kayaking offers it all.


Afraid of capsizing or getting stuck upside down in a boat?  Learning and practicing a few basic skills can help you overcome this fear so that you can relax and enjoy being on the water.


Spend an afternoon or evening getting an introduction to sea kayaking.  You will learn the basics of sea kayaking paddling and safety and get a feel for travelling in this amazing water craft.


2 hours:  1 person: $100; 2 people: $175; 3 people: $250.  Boats and safety gear provided.

Location: Boulevard Lake or a place of your choice.  (Extra travel fees may apply.)